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Cappadocia Avanos International Tourism and Handicrafts Festival

31 Aug 2016 - 07 Sep 2016

The village of Avanos in the province of Cappadocia has been known for many years as a great pottery-producing centre.

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Cappadocia hotels and tours

Welcome to Our Local Cappadocia Tour and Hotel Booking Service!

Cappadocia so unique in natural, historical and archaeological wonders that it is today one of the most favoured tourist destinations of the world! Just the hot air balloon ride over the moon-like volcanic terrain of Cappadocia will make your visit worthwhile! Visit our accommodation page to find a huge selection of Cappadocia Hotels.

Lying in the Central Anatolian region, Cappadocia has seen the rise and fall of numerous civilisations and has become a cultural cauldron on the path of the old "Silk Route".

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Cappadocia retains its old world charm, and there is a lot to see and do, just check out our Cappadocia Travel Guide. Its unique villages and small towns, the strange cones that spread across the landscape like ant hills, the underground cities in Cappadocia that housed entire populations as invaders razed this land, and the rock-cut churches will mesmerise you and leave you with a treasure trove of experiences to last a life time. Exploring the bizarre landscape by yourself or on a Cappadocia tour makes for an interesting adventure in Cappadocia.

There are some interesting and unique places to stay in Cappadocia, with some of the Cappadocia Cave Hotels built into the landscape. You can also use our Cappadocia map to ensure your hotels in Cappadocia are located near the attractions you wish to visit. Visit our Cappadocia Hotels page today!

This land of the Hittites probably derived its name from the word "Katpatuka", which means "Land of beautiful horses" in the Hittite language. Located in middle Turkey, Cappadocia covers the plains and mountains of Eastern Central Anatolia, spread across the upper and middle reaches of the river Kizilirmak (Red River). We offer a range of Cappadocia Hotels and many Cave Hotels in Cappadocia!

The south-western area of Cappadocia is densely populated because of the fertile soil that exists amidst the volcanic rock. The gushing lava from the volcanoes of Mt. Melendiz near Nigde and Mt. Erciyes near Kayseri gave birth to the unique topography of Cappadocia. The basalt and the volcanic ash hardened to form the soft "tufa". The soft "tufa" and hard "basalt" made for a canvas on which nature carved the unique "fairy chimneys" of Cappadocia. Humans took over from where nature left off. Rooms, or in some cases entire cities, were carved out of the soft "tufa" and Cappadocia's "underground cities" were born. Stay in one of our Cappadocia Cave Hotels or take a Cappadocia Tour of the underground cities!

Of all Cappadocia's villages and small towns, Uçhisar, situated at a height of 1300 metres (4000 feet), offers the most panoramic view of Cappadocia from its rock cut fortress. Far from being a torrid inferno (like many assume), Cappadocia enjoys a temperate climate with warm sunny days and cool nights, so remember to carry a light sweater for the evenings. We even offer hotels in Uchisar, just visit our Cappadocia Hotels guide or our Uchisar Hotels! We also offer hotels in Goreme, one of the main cities in Cappadocia, you can go to our Goreme Hotels guide or to see all hotels in Cappadocia visit our Cappadocia Hotels guide!

Hiking and biking in Cappadocia are suggested if you want to enjoy the rugged beauty of this fascinating place. Good walking shoes are a must as you will have to walk around the numerous underground cities, cave dwellings and churches, trek down gorges and climb up mountains in Cappadocia. The region has numerous old "caravanserais" dotting the "Silk Route", which a worth a visit. Hiring a local guide in Cappadocia or taking a local tour in Cappadocia is a good idea. We also offer balloon tours of Cappadocia!

Located in the middle of Turkey, Cappadocia maks a good stopping point for those travelling by bus to Cappadocia, between Istanbul or Ankara and the Southern Turkey coastal resorts of Antalya and Alanya. It is such a unique place that exploring the region is a highlight on a trip to Turkey. Whether staying in a great hotel in Cappadocia, taking a Cappadocia tour, or just exploring the place on foot, you'll be glad you came here! We offer a range of Cappadocia Hotels and even the very special Cappadocia Cave Hotels!

This budget bed and breakfast style hotel is located conveniently in the town center of Goreme yet provides a quiet and relaxing environment. There are Fairy Chimney Rooms, as well as Standard Rooms.

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Monastery Cave Hotel is an exquisitely restored troglodyte cave house which has 13 rooms.
This small Cave House is operated since 40 years by the Karagoz Family.

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Saksagan Hotel provides a super view overlooking Goreme. Rooms are located within fairy-chimneys and carved into rocks. All rooms are clean and spacious, and decorated in the Ottoman Style.

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Gultekin Motel, centrally located in the village of Goreme, is a small hotel with a familiar atmosphere, perfect for backpackers and budget travellers.

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Urgup Inn Cave Hotel is a comfortable, superbly furnished family run hotel enjoying a prime position in the heart of the city centre of Urgup, nearby the ruins of Kayakapi - Old part of Urgup and The Temenni Wish-Hill.

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You will feel at home in the friendly informal atmosphere at Asmali Cave House, where you can enjoy the quiet neighbourhood as well as the beautiful view down to the Pigeon Valley and Uchisar Castle. With fully equipped kitchens and large rooms in the suites, you will be most comfortable here during your stay in Cappadocia. This is the ideal accommodation for families.

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Cappadocia Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel is a combination of six cave houses dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries. These exceptional cave houses are renovated and decorated with care and in their own distinct style while strictly respecting the local character.

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The hotel is located in a restored thousand-year-old Byzantine monastic retreat which offers modern conveniences without distracting from the spiritual feeling of the area which has been known to be inhabited for more than five thousand years. It is one of the best cave hotels of Cappadocia.

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Urgup Evi Cave Hotel is one of the rare hotels in the area where all the rooms are authentic cave rooms. Located among the highest rock hills of Urgup, it has a fabulous view, yet is within convenient distance from the town centre.
Winner of the Conde Nast Johansens Most Excellent European Value for Money Award 2004

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This recently opened boutique cave hotel is owned and operated by an interior decorator and architect couple. Each room has a private balcony from where guests can enjoy the panoramic view of the old cave dwellings as well as the Erciyes Mountain in the distance.

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Esbelli Evi Cappadocia is a small inn with comfortable rooms. The arched rooms are made of local Cappadocian Esbelli stones and the cave rooms hewn from volcanic rock. The hotel provides the beautiful views of the Cappadocian landscape.
Esbelli Evi is closed for Winter. We re-open on the 1th April 2013

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This property is closed in 2013 for renovation.
This 12 room cozy hotel is in what used to be a 200 year old Greek mansion that is partly set in caves. Each of their rooms are based on a different decorative theme, out of which 10 have a working fireplace. It is one of the most luxurious of the small boutique hotels of Cappadocia, decorated with the best antiques.
Awarded for Most Excellent Hotel for Design and Innovation in 2011

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The hotel is called the Cappadocia Museum Hotel, both because it reflects the history of the region on a wide scale and also because all kinds of historical artifacts are on display in the rooms, as well as in the rest of the establishment.

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CCR Spa, a Luxurious Cappadocia Resort Experience. Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa offers an exceptional variety of unique experiences that are designed to create treasured memories and to enhance your stay. CCR Spa is Cappadocia's most innovative and luxurious resort.
Awarded for Excellence in 2009 by Condé Nast Johansens

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The Anatolian Houses opened in 2005, is a beautiful modern hotel set in the rock enclave of the old part of Goreme village, consisting with some cave rooms. The hotel has a pool that is partly outdoors and continues indoors through a tunnel which makes you feel like you are swimming in an underground cave!

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From: EUR 120 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

Discover the natural and cultural riches of Cappadocia - from fairy chimneys and cave dwellings, to amazing valleys and Byzantine cave churches over 1000 years old.

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From: EUR 120 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

Cappadocia is one of the best places on earth for hot air balloon tours. It has sensational sunrises and sunsets with an unforgiving terrain. Miles of panoramic vistas and breathtaking nature can pass under you while suspended in an open basket. This is more than just a balloon ride.

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From: EUR 210 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

The Classic Cappadocia Tour programme is designed to cover the most famous sights of the area, making sure travellers get a taste of "classic" Cappadocia.

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From: EUR 70 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

This is not only a hiking tour in Ihlara Canyon, but also takes you to explore one of the biggest underground cities of Cappadocia.

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From: EUR 235 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

This three-day Nemrut Mountain tour takes guests to all the must-see sights in south-eastern Anatolia and GAP region, from the peak of Mt. Nemrut to Urfa (Edessa) and the historical city of Harran (Harranu, Carrhae) at the Syrian border.

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Welcome to Cappadocia!

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Meet Zafer & Fuyo and the team from "Lirita Tours" - we are your local connection in Cappadocia. We want to show tourists who are coming to Turkey a different face of our country... a traditional, historical and cultural face. Visitors should experience more than their expectations. We are actively involved in supporting the local community, and we strongly encourage any visitor to join us, and make your trip even more rewarding. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you experience wonderful Cappadocia!


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