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Esbelli Evi Cappadocia is a fine small inn of comfortable rooms. The arched rooms are made of local Cappadocian esbelli stones and the cave rooms hewn from volcanic rock. Stay in a hotel with beautiful views of the Cappadocian landscape.

For centuries, inhabitants of the Cappadocia region carved their homes out of the volcanic rock that forms the landscape. Esbelli Evi is the first example of a luxurious Cave Boutique Hotel.  Esbelli Evi Cave Hotel is located above the town of Urgup in Esbelli district.

During the 90's Suha Ersoz, the owner of Esbelli Evi, bought nine abandoned cave houses. Together with the abandoned 5th and 6th century caves behind them, he transformed the property into a one of a kind hotel which was the start for Cappadocia Cave Hotels.

Suha Ersoz bought since 1987 several traditional-old Cappadocian houses in Urgup's Esbelli district. He combined and restored them using local artisans, to make an inn. He wanted to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for visitors who would stay in comfortable 'cave rooms' and enjoy my inn as though it were the home of a Cappadocian friend. Since then, Esbelli Evi has hosted thousands of visitors, and his dream came true: Now he has friends all over the world.

Mr. Suha says: Many people have urged me to enlarge the inn and have more than my ten rooms, but I would rather keep it small and preserve its warm, personal atmosphere.
Because Esbelli Evi is small, it's important to make advance reservations if you can. I would like to meet you and help you to enjoy beautiful Cappadocia.