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At Lykia Lodge, you'll enjoy activities that enhance your experience of the region and make use of the many hotel activities too.
Along with these special activities unique to the region, Lykia Lodge also offers basketball, volleyball, tennis and mini football on quartz sand court, billiards and table tennis.
Lykia Lodge aims to ensure you enjoy an unforgettable holiday with its fully comfortable luxury rooms, indoor and outdoor restaurants, chimney-bar, shopping area, swimming pools specifically designed for adults and children, pool-bar, fruit gardens, TV/Movie Hall, game hall for children and many other facilities.

Restaurants and Bars
In the two restaurants of the hotel, one indoor and one outdoor, an open buffet is served at breakfast and dinner. Dining outdoors during summer gives you the best opportunity to experience Cappadocia's wonderful starlit evenings. Lunches, however, are served with "a la carte" menu.

Lykia Lodge also offers you the uniquely special experience of dining within the fairy chimneys or at natural, historical and cultural sites. This special service is available for groups of 10 to 1500 people, giving our guests the benefit of our famous cuisine, excellent service, and unforgettable moments in a unique setting.

With its original architecture in perfect harmony with the natural look of the region, smiling staff and excellent service await you. Lykia Lodge, located in this very special region of Turkey, has been hosting tourists coming to the region for many years.

Lykia Lodge, sits on a total area of 40.000 sq m, is only 5 km to Nevşehir and Göreme and quite centrally located. Lykia Lodge is the perfect hotel to enjoy Cappadocia's magical geography in comfortable harmony with the region.

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