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The town named Mustafapasa is one of the oldest villages found in this region. In 1923, after the Lausanne Pact, The Greek people evacuated their villages leaving countless monuments behind. One of these historical monuments is Rose Mansions.

Rose Mansions consists of two old Greek houses built on an area of 4000m2 in the mid 1900s. The restoration of our Mansions was started on September in 1998 and completed on June in 2002. While being so much careful about the Mansions authentic style of architectural characteristics, We decorated all the rooms in such a style which forces the limit of your imagination.

Both of the Mansions are the best samples of Greek - Ottoman architectural synthesis. They reflect the cultural and architectural details of the synthesis coming from hundred years of meeting of two nations. While the efforts of stone experts are attracting you, you may rest in leather furnitures. The front garden have been created with the all kinds of roses which gave the Mansions their names. Rose Mansions are reflecting the cultural heritage of Sinasos with their Greek door ornaments, 19 rooms, courtyards and gardens. In the First Mansion there are; Reception, 4 Rooms with Arched Ceiling, 3 Rooms with Wooden Ceiling, Head Room with a Fireplace, Library, Rose Chalet, Mirrored Saloon with a Fireplace, Museum, Restaurants ( Athens and Thessaloniki Saloons), Kitchen, House of Earthen Jar Buried in the Ground, Throne at the Terace, Courtyard and Rose Garden.

In the Second Mansion there are; 3 Cave Rooms, 1 Cave Suite, 5 Rooms with Arched Ceiling, 1 Room with Wooden Ceiling, 1 Suite with Wooden Ceiling , 1 King Suite, Turkish Bath, Top and Bottom Courtyards and Rose Garden.

Rose Mansions gives service to its guests with an experienced team and we devote ourselves to assist to Turkish Tourism. Our aim is to become one of the symbols for "Special Certificate" Hotels around the country with our vision and our cultural heritage behind us.

Rose Mansions is located in the old section of Mustafapasa Village which is only 5 km away from Urgup.


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Hotel Address: Rose Mansions - Sinasos, Sumer Sokak, Mustafapasa / NEVSEHIR, Urgup

Getting there (local language)

Gül Konakları (Rose mansions), Ürgüp e sadece 5 kilometre mesafede Mustafapaşa köyünde bulunmaktadır.
Şehirlerarası otobüs ile geldiğinizde Ürgüp otobüs terminaline yakın köy garajından Mustafapaşa otobüsüne binebilirsiniz. Knağımız Mustafapaşa otobüsünden indiğiniz yere 50 metre dir. 
Uçak ile gelindiğinde Nevşehir ve Kayseri Havaalanlarından otele Servis araçları ve özel transfer ile ulaşabilirsiniz.
Havaalanı transferleri için bizimle irtibata geçebilirsiniz.
Lirita Turizm:  0384-341-7077  (Tel)
                         0384-341-7078  (Fax) 

Getting there

Rose Mansions Boutique Hotel is just a one hour flight from Istanbul. You can take a domestic flight with Turkish Airlines or Onur Air either to Kayseri or Nevsehir airports.
There are private airport transfers and shuttle bus services.