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The Yusuf Yigitoglu Konagi Cave Hotel is right in the center of Cappadocia, in the town of Urgup. The hotel is located in the old section of town. It is just 20km away from Nevsehir, 7km from the Goreme Open Air Museum and 10km away from Avanos.  It is only a 5 minute walk to the center of Urgup.


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Hotel Address: Yunak mahallesi Tevfik fikret caddesi No: 34, Urgup

Getting there (local language)

Yusuf Yigitoglu Konagi, Nevşehir e bağlı Ürgüp ilçesi Yunak mahallesi Tevfik fikret caddesi No: 34 de bulunmaktadır.
Şehirlerarası otobüs ile geldiğinizde Ürgüp otobüs terminaline 2 km mesafededir.
Uçak ile gelindiğinde Nevşehir ve Kayseri Havaalanlarından otele Servis araçları ve özel transfer ile ulaşabilirsiniz.
Havaalanı transferleri için bizimle irtibata geçebilirsiniz.
Lirita Turizm:   0384-341-7077   (Tel)
                          0384-341-7078   (Fax) 

Getting there

The Yusuf Yigitoglu Konagi Cave Hotel is just a one-hour drive from Kayseri Airport and just 45 minutes from Nevsehir Airport, which are both an hour flight from Istanbul. Flights between Istanbul and Kayseri and Nevsehir are operated frequently throughout the day by Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Air and other domestic Airlines. There are private airport transfers as well as shuttle bus services from both Airports to the Hotel. If you are travelling by local bus lines, you can purchase tickets to Urgup, and take a short taxi ride from the bus terminal to the hotel.