About Us

This Cappadocia Hotel and Tour Booking Site is owned and operated by Zafer & Fuyo Ichikawa and the team at ‘Lirita Tours'.

Lirita Tours Tourism & Travel is a govenment licenced Travel Agency founded in 2004 with the aim of giving high quality Travel Services in Turkey. Our carefully developed itineraries make it possible for visitors to become acquainted with the astonishing historical heritage of the country and enjoy the national colour, culture and sightseeing of Cappadocia.

"Turkey has more than just sun and sandy seaside resorts or beaches. It has the beautiful landscape, the friendly local people, culture, and history. We want to show tourists who are coming to Turkey a different face of our country... a traditional, historical and cultural face. Visitors should experience more than their expectations!"

In order to help support the community we live and work in, we currently take tourists to small villages to have lunch in a local village house. This way our guests taste the food that the local people are eating, not the restaurant food, and the money is going back into the local community.

We are also hoping to make it possible for visitors to stay in local village houses amongst the small villages in the area. We are hoping this will be a success, as it will be very exciting for the visitors to experience a night in a small village house with local people. This would of course help support the local community as well.

We cover all kinds of travel services within Cappadocia and Central Turkey including hotel reservations, flight tickets, car rental, private tours, outdoor activities and airport transfers. We are multilingual and provide services and tours in Spanish, German, Japanese, English, Italian and French. We are a member of JATA (Japan Association of Travel Agents) and operate in the Japanese incoming market with our portal: www.travelturkey.jp and www.cappadocia.ne.jp in Japanese and www.turquiacapadocia.com in Spanish.

There are so many reasons we are proud of Cappadocia:

The Cappadocia area is extremely beautiful and has very different scenery! We are also proud of Cappadocia's history and daily life. Most people who visit Cappadocia really do not know how far back the history goes and the different cultures that have existed here. The daily life here is also very interesting. Whilst in Cappadocia, visitors can see new cars, well-dressed and wealthy people, and at the same time villagers who are still traditionally dressed, riding donkeys and horse carts. During our tours in Cappadocia, visitors can meet local people who are still working on the fields, producing grapes, apricots, potatoes, pumpkins and other agricultural products. Visitors feel that they are walking through history and feel the past all around Cappadocia, not only in the museums or national parks.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you this beautiful region of our country!