Top 5 things to do in Cappadocia

 Cave Hotel in Cappadocia


1- Stay in a one of a kind Cave Hotel
Living in the caves is as old as the history of Cappadocia. While cave history in Cappadocia dates back to the Hittites, cave hotels are a more recent innovation, less than 20 years old. There are now more than 400 cave hotels in Cappadocia from 3-4 room family guest houses up to 80-90 room Cave Resorts spread in the towns and villages of Cappadocia. Once you are in the region and want to experience something different you should stay at one of the cave hotels typical to Cappadocia to get a taste of ancient history. There are Cave Hotels and Accommodation in Cappadocia for any budget.




 Local Food-Cappadocia


2- Eat " Testi Kebabi " (Pottery Kebap)
This local dish of Cappadocia probably originates back from the Hittite civilization. This is one of the oldest Cappadocian foods, prepared by cooking the saucy meat (there are now restaurants using chicken but lamb is the most common meat used for this dish ) and vegetables in a clay pot sealed with bread on top and thrown in the fire oven called a " tandir ".  This food is mostly served together with rice and some salad. Since it is a famous dish it is served in many restaurants of Cappadocia. Visit our Cappadocia Videos Page for this food.




 Cappadocia Tour Activities


3- Do not miss a hot air balloon ride ride in Cappadocia 
There are many valleys  in Cappadocia which are not easy to access, but for those looking for an opportunity to get a view of the magical landscape of Cappadocia  can do so from the comforts of a hot air balloon. Scenic balloon flights over Cappadocia begin at sunrise in the lovely Kiliclar Valley, between the villages of Goreme and Rose Valley areas near the Cavusin Village. The flight ends with a celebration and sparkling wine at the landing area.   Choose from Standard 1 hour flights for budget traveler as well deluxe-long balloon flights.




 Must see in Cappadocia, Turkey


4- Must See Sights of Cappadocia: Cave Churches and Underground Cities
Cave churches and underground cities are arguably the most popular tourist sights of Cappadocia. The rock-hewn churches of Cappadocia are exceptionally fine examples of a long-established Byzantine fresco tradition. Some of the oldest churches can be found in Aciksaray and Goreme, where some are believed to date from around the 4th or 5th centuries. Immense underground caves and labyrinths were once home to tens of thousands of people. Multiple levels reach deep into the earth with low and twisting passages, beyond anything describable in words.




 Pottery of Cappadoca, Turkey


5- Visit a traditional pottery and seramic workshop 
Avanos pottery is famous the world over for its intricate design and bold colors. Pottery making is one of the oldest hand crafts made in Cappadocia, dating back to Hittites (BC 2000). An annual Tourism and Handicrafts Festival is held in Avanos for those looking to buy local handicrafts. There are now numerous small local pottery workshops which can be visited by people at any time of a year. Visits to local pottery workshops are also included in most of day tours in Cappadocia. See video of Pottery making in Cappadocia.